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29 October 2018 (by admin)

The Liverpool Giants have delighted all they’ve come into contact with this weekend but for one local lad they mean that little bit more. Introducing Harley Mc, the Giants biggest super-fan!

Harley met the major on the steps of St. George’s Hall on Thursday, as he waited with his Dad to catch a first glimpse of his heroes. Armed with a scrapbook of memories from The Giants last visit to the city in 2014, Harley was dressed head to toe as a lil’ Lilliputian and bursting with excitement to witness Liverpool’s Dream. Since his interview as the world’s biggest Giant admirer, Harley has become something of a local celebrity. He got up close to pet Yolo yesterday and on the friday morning he joined Mayor Anderson for breakfast at the Town Hall to enjoy one of the best vantage points in the city. He’s even been spotted giving Royal de Luxe boss Jean-Luc Courcoult boss some hints and tips on future events. With his Dad describing the Liverpool’s Giant Spectacular as ‘Disney World for Harley’, he certainly had a wonderful weekend in the city.