Staff Training

Support Staff

Our Support Staff follow an annual plan of in house staff training, this includes.... Personal Development Opportunities, Communication, Gastrostomy feeding , Manual Handling, Quest, feeding difficulties, E safety.

We encourage staff to attend training, this may include both on or off site. Following training staff have an opportunity's to share what they have learned with the rest of our staff


Teaching Staff

Teaching staff have a weekly meeting this may include training too.


Whole school

Each term our whole staff take part in "Talent Tuesday" , instead of a meeting or training.

This is where  we use the talents and skills of our staff to share ideas  and have fun.  Our "Talent Tuesday" activities have included:

  • Pub Quiz
  • Torchlight run
  • Zumba
  • Photo Art
  • Sewing- Cushion Cover making
  • Seasonal Flower arranging