Key Stage 3

Arts and Design will be delivered as part of the Creative Curriculum delivering art, music, drama and dance as part of an Arts Award Accreditation through specific lessons and delivered through cross curricular topics. A nationally recognised qualification, validated by the Art Council of England, lessons should encourage children to discover and explore media and materials as part of their exploration of the world around them. All lessons encourage opportunities for practicing, developing and embedding basic skills in Literacy, numeracy and where appropriate ICT.

We will exploit opportunities in our local community to provide our children with a broader range of experiences, this will include; visits to local art galleries, museums and theatres. We also work with visiting dance and theatre companies, and with artists and musicians.


Key Stage 4

We believe that participation in the creative arts should be an integral part of every pupil’s school experience. We provide our pupils with rich and varied learning opportunities in music, drama, dance and art, using a cross curricular approach.

Creative Arts consolidates progress through enabling expression, reflection and emotional development. Confidence is fostered through celebration and diversity as there is no “right” or “wrong” way to be creative. It enables pupils to develop creativity at their own level and provide opportunities to promote a sense of personal and group identity.

Pupils’ learning is enriched through working alongside arts practitioners offering creative experiences in the wider community. We endeavour to develop “creators” who will have a life long interest in the arts. Students’ achievement is accredited through the ASDAN.  



Students requiring a more sensory approach benefit from accessing a curriculum tailored to individual needs. All students continue to benefit from access to a wide range of creative opportunities. Students’ achievement is accredited through the ASDAN Programme and Entry Level Art qualification.  


Art Week

Art week was such good fun and the pupils really enjoyed creating resources, writing stories and being part of a great carnival.

The topic for Art week was based around different animals and each class were given an animal for the week.

Each class had different activities to complete.

At the end of the week we all took part in a great big carnival, showing off our resources made and dancing to some great carnival music.

The pupils made some fantastic resources and enjoyed finding out about all the different animals.  Some of the animals were, Zebra's, Elephants, Tortoise's, Lions, Girraff's, snakes and parrot's.