Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network

 Is a charitable social enterprise with awarding body status.  It offers flexible ways to accredit skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.

KS3-Towards Independence & Multi Sensory

The course supports pupils learning through-sensory experiences.  The modules include hydro, art and music therapy and in addition to this rebound.  They promote physical health as well as emotional well being.  Communication and choice are encouraged through individuals preferred method of communication, sign, gesture, symbols object of reference or communication aid.

Susana KS4 Teacher


KS4-Transition Challenge

The course works through areas of activity relating to statutory programmes of study for KS4 National Curriculum subjects complimented by activities contributing to the skills of adut life.  Students must complete eight activities in each of the five modules. 

  • Module:  Knowing How
  • Module:  Making Choices
  • Module:  Feeling Good
  • Module:  Moving Forward
  • Module:  Taking the Lead


Feeling Good:  Religious Education.  Pupils from Asdan group in Class 9, took part in a special celebration and experienced things that have special meanings.  Pupils enjoyed trying Indian Food and dressing up in clothes typically worn by this culture. 

Julie KS4 Teacher


16+ Personal Progress

Students with lower ability are working from the ASDAN Personal Progress Units.  They are experiencing activities on the theme of Engaging with world around you.  The activities are based around the three areas of engagement: with people, events and objects (each worth 3 credits).  Students achieve the credits, which can accrue to qualifications e.g  credits for an award qualification.  The main focus for the students is to encourage them to interact with the stimuli and evoke responses.

Mike 16+ Teacher