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Participation in sport by different groups of people

The school is organising a Champions Week. This will take place some time during the summer term. Champions Week is our school’s response to the legacy of the Olympic Games.

During this week, there will be activities and events for everyone to take part in and enjoy.

The ASDAN Sports and Fitness group are helping to organise some activities. They have already done some preparation for the Champions Week.

In the classroom we looked at and talked about a set of challenges involving hoops, skipping ropes, stepping stones and ladders. Students made suggestions about what to do:

  • Hoops –walk, run, hop, backwards, long steps
  • Skipping ropes – walk on, jump across, hop
  • Stepping stones –long step, wider steps
  • Ladders – tip toe, stride, in & out

Outside on the yard we set up the equipment and tried out different ideas. This is in preparation for the event in the summer.