The post 16 curriculum is designed to provide pupils with the skills they will need to fully access adult life. Maths and english lessons are through functional skills (money, budgeting, shopping etc) and all pupils who are able, have work placements in the local community. there are a variety of accreditation on offer- ASDAN, DofE etc and pupils have the offer of a 5 day residential at Calvert Trust or Wingate.

The pupils have 'options' similar to a college setting and can study catering, hair and beauty, sport and leisure, media, music etc. These prepare pupils for FE learning and give the pupils autonomy over their own learning.

Past pupils are regularly invited back to talk about their experiences at Palmerston careers fairs along with local colleges, day services, benefits maximisation team and the learning disability social services team. This provides invaluable support for parents who are particularly nervous about transition and supports the whole transition into adult services.

Pupils who are working at the Pre-Formal level access the sensory curriculum as per the rest of the school.