Spring themed resources

 Homemade Birdhouses.pdfDownload
 Making a Flower Basket.pdfDownload
 Making a Rubber Egg.pdfDownload
 Painting with Bubbles.pdfDownload
 Spring Sensory Bin.pdfDownload
 The Cautious Caterpillar Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 The Cautious Caterpillar Story.pdfDownload
 The Walking Rainbow.pdfDownload
 Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers.pdfDownload
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 Rainbow Acrostic Poem.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Cookery.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Similes.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Slime.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Templates.pdfDownload
 The Rainbow Fish Story.pdfDownload
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Cooking vocabulary

 Cooking Vocabulary.pdfDownload
 Dangers in the Kitchen.pdfDownload
 Recipe Cards.pdfDownload
 Recipe Templates.pdfDownload
 Superhero Green Smoothie Recipe.pdfDownload
 Superhero Red and Yellow Smoothie Recipe.pdfDownload
 Superhero Red, White and Blue Smoothie Recipe.pdfDownload
 The Bear Who Came To Babysit Story.pdfDownload
 Writing Instructions.pdfDownload
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Harry Potter

 Azkaban Sign.pdfDownload
 Azkaban Witch Template.pdfDownload
 Azkaban Wizard Template.pdfDownload
 Carrot Club Story Part 2.pdfDownload
 Carrot Club Story Part One.pdfDownload
 Harry Potter Baby Shopping List.pdfDownload
 Harry Potter Chapter 1.pdfDownload
 Harry Potter List Activity.pdfDownload
 Hogwarts Letter Writing.pdfDownload
 HP Drawing Game.pdfDownload
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 Inspirational Quotes.pdfDownload
 Mindfulness Quotes.pdfDownload
 My Window.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Colouring Sheet.pdfDownload
 Words of Encouragement.pdfDownload
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Star Wars

 Making a Glowing Sensory Bottle.pdfDownload
 Making a Space Shuttle.pdfDownload
 Making a Star Wars Tie Interceptor.pdfDownload
 Making an Erupting Death Star.pdfDownload
 Making Moon Dough.pdfDownload
 R2D2 Shapes.pdfDownload
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Rainy Day Activities

 Growing an Avocado Tree.pdfDownload
 Ice Cream in a Bag.pdfDownload
 Making Fluffy Slime.pdfDownload
 Making Play Mud.pdfDownload
 Making Playdough.pdfDownload
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The Solar System Kid

 Whole Book Solar System Kid.pdfDownload
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Food Bingo

 Easter Sensory Story PF.pptxDownload
 Food Bingo 1.docxDownload
 Food Bingo 2.docxDownload
 Food Bingo 3.docxDownload
 Food Bingo 4.docxDownload
 Food Bingo 5.docxDownload
 Food Bingo 6.docxDownload
 My Cookie Design.docxDownload
 My Cookie Recipe for Staff.docxDownload
 My Cookie Recipe.docxDownload
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Outdoor learning

 Creative Writing.pdfDownload
 Making a Bird Feeder.pdfDownload
 Minibeast Hunt.pdfDownload
 Natural Art Ideas.pdfDownload
 Nature Scavenger Hunt.pdfDownload
 Outdoor Maths Trail.pdfDownload
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Disney chalkboard

 Disney Chalkboard Milk Bottles.pdfDownload
 Disney Silhouette Art.pdfDownload
 Making Captain Hook's Hook.pdfDownload
 Tissue Tube Seven Dwarves.pdfDownload
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Gardening and Sensory

 Fee Fi Fo Fum Story.pdfDownload
 Finger Paint Recipe.pdfDownload
 Growing Lettuce at Home.pdfDownload
 Making Plant People.pdfDownload
 Making Seed Balls.pdfDownload
 Sensory Finger Painting.pdfDownload
 Soil Art Activity.pdfDownload
 Water and Ice Sensory Play.pdfDownload
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 A Monster Surprise Story.pdfDownload
 Back to Earth with a Bump Story.pdfDownload
 Little Red Riding Hood Story Box.pdfDownload
 Printable Dice.pdfDownload
 Roll a Story.pdfDownload
 Story Cubes.pdfDownload
 Storytelling Prompts.pdfDownload
 The Making of Milton Story.pdfDownload
 The Old Toy Room Story.pdfDownload
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All about me

 All About Me Bingo 1.docxDownload
 All About Me Bingo 2.docxDownload
 All About Me Bingo 3.docxDownload
 All About Me Bingo 4.docxDownload
 All About Me Bingo 5.docxDownload
 All About Me Bingo 6.docxDownload
 All About Me Cut-Outs.docxDownload
 Body Parts I Spy 4.pdfDownload
 My Body Worksheet Boy.docxDownload
 My Body Worksheet Girl.docxDownload
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All about my pet

 All About My Pet.pdfDownload
 Formiddable Sid Story.pdfDownload
 Pet Descriptions.pdfDownload
 Pet Rocks.pdfDownload
 Split Pin Pets.pdfDownload
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St George's day

 All About Saint George's Day.pdfDownload
 Design a Coat of Arms.pdfDownload
 George and the Dragon Story Retelling.pdfDownload
 Making a Knight's Helmet.pdfDownload
 Making a Knight's Shield.pdfDownload
 Saint George and the Dragon.pdfDownload
 St George's Art and Craft Ideas.pdfDownload
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