In Independent living we make use of our community as we visit local shops to buy food for our food technology lessons. We have been focusing on healthy options for snacks. As a group we decide on simple snacks to prepare and the pupils search for the goods in the supermarket. The pupils are able to scan and pay for the goods themselves. These activities enable the pupils to make choices and handle money.

Paula Class 2 Teacher

 Class 2 said

"I like cooking because it's fun and I like eating the food. My favourite is pasta" 


Enjoying a cup of tea, made during Independent Living.


Key Stage 4

As part of KS4 Independent Living we look at how to look after ourselves, talking about healthy bodies, keeping clean and looking nice etc. We also look at healthy minds and what makes us happy. The students enjoy a range of activities, from foot spa's to hand massages. Some of our students also enjoy applying makeup and having their hair done in our school salon. These are all important tasks and work towards our pupils being more independent.

The curriculum encourages a hands on approach to help pupils build their independence, from home tasks, such as tying shoe-laces and using the washing machine, to managing money and planning outings in the local area. We aim to give our students the knowledge and skills enabling them to lead lives that are as independent as possible.




During Independent Living lessons students are encouraged to consider how to cope with some simple demands of daily living. The group has the task of making a snack. They make choices and decide what they would like to make.

When a task is being discussed each student chooses some area of the task to prepare. Staff assist the students but the aim is to let them organise and accomplish the task. They have prepared a variety of snacks including beans on toast, pizzas and making a smoothie.

The class also must consider the importance of tidying up. They are working together to complete these tasks.


When interviewed, one 16+ student said

"The first thing is to get all your ingredients out, wash your hands before cooking. My favourite part is using the cooker to make bacon and beans on toast"