Years 11-14 (including post 16) Curriculum Statement 

Years 11-14 at Palmerston School follow a specialised all-inclusive curriculum with national accreditation which aims to prepare them for life after Palmerston. This department is made up of the school years 11, 12, 13, and 14. Most of our students do not leave until the end of the academic year of their 19th birthday. We operate in our own distinct area of school which gives the students a strong and positive identity. 

Palmerston delivers the Equals Moving On Curriculum. This is a specialised curriculum for students with cognition and learning needs including severe learning difficulties. It contains five separate one-year programmes of learning: Adventurer, Explorer, Traveller, Voyager and Globetrotter. Contents included World Studies, Independent Living, Vocational Studies and Functional Skills in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT. A wide range of age appropriate subjects are addressed including Sex and Relationships Education and Personal Safety. Palmerston School provides a range of appropriate learning opportunities in each of these areas. 

Pupils are taught at different times in both mixed ability groups and also in ability based groups for certain subjects. Frequent opportunities are given for pupils of all ages and from across the ability range to work and learn together. For Functional Skills in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT ability based groups operate comprised of students of different ages. For World Studies, Independent Living and Vocational Studies activities groups are of mixed age and mixed ability. 

Our year 11-14 students participate in a range of vocational and enterprise based studies to provide them with opportunities to develop their life skills and independence. As a school we aim to give all pupils access to a placement and these range from horticulture and hairdressing to mechanics, warehouse operative to front of house in a shop or restaurant. We also offer a variety of placements in school from caretaker to receptionist, cleaner, cook etc 

Classes have timetabled Community visits and lots of our lessons and curriculum study is undertaken in the local community and through learning off-site with community visits, college placements, work placements, shopping trips plus an extensive and varied programme of other community events. We take part in weekly Outdoor Learning and Forest School sessions which promote independence, self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, physical wellbeing, peer to peer communication, team building and co-operative learning. 

Pupils achievements and progress are accredited through ASDAN Personal Development, Functional Skills and Foundation Learning qualifications. Pupils are also given the opportunity to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Past pupils are regularly invited back to talk about their experiences at Palmerston Careers fairs along with local colleges, day services, benefits maximisation team and the learning disability social services team. This provides invaluable support for parents who are particularly nervous about transition and supports the whole transition into adult services. 

Pupils who are working at the Pre-Formal level access the sensory curriculum as per the rest of the school.