Community KS3


Class 6 pupils use facilities in the community regulary to enhance learning opportunities. To support their understanding of historical events. They visit the museum e.g trying on clothing similar to those worn by vikings.

Pupils regulary visit the local shops to purchase ingredients for cookery lessons. This gives them opportunities to learn about money, using a budget, identifying products and comparing prices and communicating with shop staff.


Community KS4

For KS4 students using the school mini bus to go out, or simply walking to the local supermarket is an important part of our curriculum. It teaches students the importance of independence. The students gain experience going out in the local community and this adds to their life skills. Students are guided and supported throughout their time at Palmerston to be more independent and are encouraged to make simple decisions. In addition to this KS4 encourages students to use public transport and can often be seen getting the local bus to various venues. Students gain experience within different environments and learn how to behave appropriately e.g at the cinema, Local supermarket, restaurants etc....

Palmerston school is a school where strong links have been established with the local and wider community. The school has strived to be at the heart of the community. This works well and benefits the students.

Numerous opportunities have been built in, to encourage the community to come into school. The students play an active role in shaping the local and wider community. We are committed to meeting the varied needs of our students, providing opportunities that offer real choice and independence

Community 16+

For the 16+ students, experiencing going out in the Community takes an extra importance as they enter the transition stage between school and leaving school.

According to ability, students use local services e.g buying an item from a shop or super market, buying a drink and food in a cafe. Staff can supervise and encourage pupils to manage their money-a vital skill for the future.

 Another aspect to being out in the Community is to learn about the locality. The parks offer a good option. Otterspool Prom is a fine example of how to spend some leisure time.